Sunday, May 6, 2012

It Is Time For Another Update!

One of my favorites!

Goof Off

March-Robbie received the Priesthood!

Bear Lake

All You Can Eat Snow Crab at Bear Lake

Our farewell to Maggie!  We will miss her.

Some play games and visit, others nap!

The stitches, which he popped open yesterday and they aren't looking so good!

Prom! 2012  Check out the heels.  Today her legs hurt, I wonder why!

Sadly, I haven't blogged for a while.  I wanted Austin to see some pictures so I decided I needed to update.  Here are some highlights of life at the Ewell's since February.  We have had stitches, prom, graduation pictures, a sad loss, vacation/USU business, and just some beautiful flowers blooming in our yard.  Enjoy!

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The Ward Family said...

Wow...check out those heels!!! Hope you had a great time. Robbie, what?????popping much for being a good boy.
So great seeing you all during graduation week. I forgot to tell you, but I can never leave a comment on Austin's blog....