Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baseball days are finished!

At least for a few weeks! Robbie fell from his tree house and caught himself with his arms. He broke his wrist on one arm and his elbow on the other.
Here is the break!
Here is after the doctor set it!


Robbie wanted to play baseball this year. It is his first time. So we bought him a mit and started to practice. He loves it! He has played a few games. Unfortunately all the games have been freezing!

James never played baseball when he was little. I spent some years playing softball or sitting on the bench! Here is James coaching first! Ha Ha

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Although there hasn't been much progress on the tree house, thanks to David the zip line has been added. It has been a great source of entertainment for Robbie and everyone else.
The wisteria is in bloom. It is very pretty. James is in the process of thinning it and replacing the roof of our porch. I hope it survives!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Pictures

My friend, Beth and I. Beth teaches at my school with me!
Fort Patrick in Saint George!
The Petrogylphs
A Bloomin' Cactus in Arizona right outside of Saint George
Robbie wanted to swim in the pool at James' Uncles so bad. So here he is in the 62 degree pool in the 70 degree weather. It lasted about 30 seconds!

Graduation Day

On Saturday, I graduated with my Masters in Education at SUU, sort of! SUU only walks once a year, so my cohort walked even though we still have three weeks of class and my master's project isn't finished. James, the kids, Joni, Janelle, Mom, Dad, Jamie, and David all came to see me walk and be hooded. We had a little surprise because also earning his bachelor's from SUU in the same department was my cousin Trent Steele. So my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jeff got to see me walk as well. Here are a few pictures. They are not great because the ten year old in charge was also in charge of taking pictures most of the time. My eyes are closed in some!