Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can you believe it? I am updating my blog!!

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein
It has been a long time! The last time I posted was after one of Robbie's first football games.  His team lost only three games, two during regular play and then their final playoff game.  They came in second in his age group.  This fall has been a busy one.  James and I, with the help of my sisters, hosted a big Halloween party.  James and I went to West Yellowstone to celebrate 22 years of marriage.  We had a great time and Yellowstone is one of our favorite places.  This last weekend we took Robbie to New Mexico.  James was consulting a friend on some marketing ideas for his business and Robbie and I went along for the ride.  We stayed in a beautiful place but it was off season and there wasn't much to do.  We did stop at Mesa Verde National Park and Four Corners on the way home. Here are some picture updates as well. 

I could of reached out of the window and touched this bison if I wanted to.  I didn't!

We saw a ton of swans and geese!

The view from our deck in Red River, New Mexico

The Rio Grande

Mesa Verde

Robbie's favorite part of the whole trip.  We definitely will go back!

Robbie in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado at the same time!

Football!  A little blurry but he is number 56!

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