Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Day

I can remember only one snow day when I was in Jr. High.  It was for bus students only and my mom made us walk to Bill Wimmer's for ride in the snowplow to school.  Today was the first snow day I remember that everyone got to stay home.  We woke up to an additional 16 inches of snow piled onto the 12 or so inches from yesterday!  Sad because of the Christmas parties and presents and singing planned for today but happy to start Christmas vacation a day early!


Kerry said...

I don't remember a single "snow day" growing up. Now my kids get a "snow day" with a quarter inch of snow or even a forcast of sleet.

The Ward Family said...

We are still waiting to get some snow here in Jersey. Still haven't had to shovel the driveway. Makes me a little sad. It has been so cold.