Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red Lake

So it turns out that Robbie was able to have the splint on his left arm off and no cast. Happy, happy day. In celebration we went on a little hike to Red Lake. It is a hike we have done many times before but it proved to be a little difficult for Chris, her kids, and Robbie. Chris and her kids haven't hiked very much and struggled. Robbie struggled because of the weight of his cast and his lack of physical activity for the last few weeks. Anyway it was a beautiful hike, very green and lots of water. McKenzie was the best hiker and stayed in the lead. Kirsten tried to stay with her but couldn't. In fact James ended up carrying her some of the way. It was amazing because he never would have carried one of our kids when they were her age, she is almost eight. Maggie loved it but was tired at the end. All in all a great adventure!

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