Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Papers Are In!

Austin's papers are in and now we await the call. Any guesses or wishes about where that could be? Here are ours-comment with your guesses or wishes.

James-London, England is his wish
Me-Sweden or Austria
Austin-Germany or Sweden but he is willing to serve in Boise if he is called there!


The Ward Family said...

Good for you austin. I am thinking England also. But I have to have a few questions answered before I give my guess. Do you have your passport? Have you started your overseas shots? When I get those answers I will give you my guess.

Leslie Ewell said...

Yes and yes

Nicole said...

Since y'all want him to go out of the country he is so going stateside!

Alyse and Bob said...

My brother just got called to London, England!

My guess is Dominican Republic.

The Ward Family said...

Definately overseas then if he has his passport and has started his overseas shots. England or china there you go austin. No......I don't have a guess, just overseas.

merrilee said...

Tanner had has passport and shots and went stateside. My next door neighbor--no passport or shots--Scotland. Who knows??!! Where ever he goes, he'll decide it's the best mission in the church.