Friday, December 12, 2008

What does James do all day?

Well as the wife of a self-employed bum, I have pondered this question.  Today I had a glimpse of what he does do all day!  He works! Can you believe it?  Today I have been home from work because of my little breathing problem and he has been in about the same place all day!  Right in front of the computer, on the phone and emailing his office back and forth!  I guess this is a blessing because I get a new perspective to base my expectations of what I think should be done in the day because he is home!  


Nicole said...

He needs to! I've got a refi due! haha

The Kirby's said...

Good to know. Les I hope you start feeling better. Glad for the good news. I thought all James did was medical care :). Love ya.

The Ward Family said...

Well we all knew he WORKED, we just didn't know what he worked at. We love you james.