Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Zip LIne at The Dreaded Grove

Do you see the fear in Jamie's  face?  That's because she wasn't the chicken.  That was me.  I even said a swear word as ground under my feet started to move.  That is McKenzie at the top waiting to go!


The Ward Family said...

I want to do a zip line. Thanks for the pictures. We went into the city on saturday for Janelles birthday. Saw Lion King. It is awesome. I would recommend it when you come. I have a discount ticket site where we can get them for $40 off. All seats are great in the house. Also coupons for parking. $10 for all day!!!!!
We also went into the city on thursday night for temple night. Now parking is a different story there. A big $37 for that night and it was only for 3 hours.

The Kirby's said...

Looks fun Les. You need to go to my friend Jared and Sydney's blog to look at their You-tube of syncronized swimming. Whoever they are they are so much better than us.

sammysangel said...

wheres that at